This is the perfect fusion between humans and nature expressed as a whole. At VIK, we use the concepts of science, technology and knowledge as our foundation.

All of our synergies focus on the whole, with a special sensitivity to the environment that creates a great wine - the best wine our magnificent terroir can provide. Our holistic wine is the result of the magnificent dynamic terroir together with viticultural and vinicultural best practices, excellence in environmental stewardship, development of human and social capital as well as architecture and the arts.


The viti-vinicultural concept at VIK is based on the technique of optimizing each stage of grape growing and wine production, with an important focus on science and technology, all of which is adapted to each of our valleys in order to achieve the optimum maturity levels in our fruit and to create the best wine.


At VIK, sustainable development is another fundamental pillar that comes from our concern for the environment where our grapes grow. Our actions are focused on measures to mitigate, recover and improve the land.

Having a highly sustainable state-of-the-art winery, which uses free cooling, solar energy and natural insulation is one of them.

Our 1,000 planted acres of vines are surrounded by 1,000 hectares of forest. To keep a negative carbon footprint and take care of the natural forest, we have planted more than 590 new trees, including quillay, peumo and litre.


VIK’s terroir offers a majestic and natural landscape composed of 12 valleys, each one with its own micro-climate, distinct exposures, all within a wind-tunnel cooled by Pacific coastal breezes and winds from high up in the Andes mountains that provide VIK with enormous complexity and exceptional variety.

The plantation and selection of varietals and rootstock were established after meticulous soil, meteorological and land exposure studies were performed.

The varieties selected (Cabernet Sauvignon, Carmenere, Syrah, Cabernet Franc and Merlot) were planted throughout the many valleys, always seeking harmony between the hydric balance, climate, soils and rootstock.


VIK is a highly sustainable state-of-the-art winery, which uses free cooling, solar energy and natural insulation: the water mirror cools the room temperature of barrels without using energy, and the same humidity allows the temperature to rise, achieving optimum energy usage. The translucent roof permits day work without requiring artificial light and the insulated cellar naturally maintains minor temperature differences at the time of cooling and heating, requiring less energy overall.

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