VIK Winery

Science and knowledge are our foundation, passion is our engine and the wine is the expression of our art.

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Wine shop

Wine shop

Our Wines

Elegant, voluptuous, complex and balanced, the holistic VIK wines are world class and perfect to enjoy today or for long-term aging.

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Limited Editions

Limited Editions

Specials Packs

Because we know you’re an expert taster, we have special packs just for you.

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The Collection Box

The Collection Box

For new collectors

Explore VIK with an unforgettable collection of VIK, Milla Cala and La Piu Belle.

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Vik Chile Retreat

A luxury retreat with exceptional architecture, located at the top of our park, to experience Vik in all its splendor.

Ideally perched on a hilltop in the middle of this most picturesque valley, with the Andes mountains in the distance, Vik Chile boasts 360-degree views out across the surrounding vineyards and nature. Its floating, sculptural roof of bronzed titanium, which was inspired by the mountains, the wind, and the work of Frank Gehry and Richard Serra greets guests as they arrive.

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Best Winery Experience

VIK Experiences

Luxury experiences for all the senses. An immersion in VIK’s terroir; an exclusive experience for all your senses.

Discover VIK’s essence through an exclusive tour of the outstanding winery and learn about the art of VIK’s wines through a full-on tasting, where you can travel the vineyards though your senses. With horseback riding, mountain biking and other excursions, it is easy to be immersed in the immensity of VIK, surrounded by magnificent natural scenery, native Chilean forests and lush vegetation. Enjoy a gourmet lunch in the vineyard’s Pavilion restaurant, prepared with fresh, and seasonal produce from VIK’s own organic culinary garden, perfectly paired with the vineyard’s wines.


The whole is greater than the sum of its parts Aristotle

Our “holistic” wines are the result of a magnificent, dynamic terroir and the best viticultural and winemaking techniques and practices.

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Our Vineyard

VIK vineyard was born amidst the foothills of the Andes mountains, within the Millahue Valley, named "Lugar de Oro" or "Golden Place" by the native Mapuche people.

The vineyard is located on over 4,300 hectares of magnificent Chilean nature with a unique biodiversity.

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Revolutionary. Exceptional. Daring.

Your purchase of one 12-bottle case of the current vintage VIK automatically admits you to our R.E.D. VIK Society.

R.E.D. VIK Society members enjoy expanded Vik Retreat services, exclusive access to the VIK winery library, and are invited to a unique series of curated experiences.

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