VIK NFT - 2018 Limited Edition

By: VIK Marketing
21 August , 2023

The limited release consists of 50 NFTs, each representing a double magnum of the special edition of VIK 2018 NFT. On purchasing the NFT, Non-Fungible Token, an owner can trade their digital asset or redeem it as a token and collect their physical bottle of VIK 2018. One of the benefits of wine NFTs is the traceability offered by the unique digital token, meaning that buyers can feel safe in the knowledge of exactly where their wine is at all times.

VIK is the first winery in Chile to launch an NFT. Watch our NFT Video here:

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) seem to be everywhere these days. From art and music to tweets and videos, these digital assets are part of the future of commerce, which is ironically, already here.

For those who aren’t as familiar with Non-Fungible Tokens, in short, these are digital assets that represent both tangible and intangible elements, in this case, our exclusive wine. Each NFT has a unique signature that proves its authenticity, increasing its appeal in industries with high collectible value. “Non-fungibility” implies that they cannot be eliminated or exchanged for another good, unlike cryptocurrencies, or money, which can be exchanged between equal units.

Unlike most digital goods, NFTs create digital scarcity, standing as unrepeatable goods with high intrinsic value based on their rarity, exclusivity, and price. These characteristics are consistent with the high value that VIK products represent.

As our core values show, VIK’s central impulse relies on innovation. Whereas in our production processes or our go-to market approach, we pride ourselves in being disruptive and finding new ways to bring you the very best of our unique products.

This time, we decided to take that approach one step forward in our journey to increasingly incorporate new technologies as part of our product portfolio, which is why 2023 marks the launch of our first-ever NFT by VIK. After all, “Science and knowledge are our foundation, passion our engine and wine the expression of our art.”

To mark this milestone, we have selected our VIK 2018 edition – rated 98 points by James Suckling –. This unique blend of 75% Cabernet Sauvignon and 25% Cabernet Franc, was crafted under the watchful eye of Chief Winemaker Cristián Vallejo and aged for 26 months in French oak barrels. Sustainably produced in Chile’s Millahue “Golden Valley”, it embodies a dynamic, elegant, pure, yet tense and vibrant wine. VIK 2018represents the most authentic and refined expression of our terroir.

Each bottle will be stored in the cellar of the vineyard under the highest standards and the care of our Chief Winemaker. This means it will receive the care that its cellaring requires: it will be stored in a horizontal position at the constant temperature that has been especially determined for this wine in a cellar that is protected from noise, smells and vibrations and fully protected from direct light. The bottle shall remain under constant care until the buyer decides to collect it, which can be at any time from the moment it is acquired.



We’ve also made a special Concierge service available to our customers in case they require assistance whilst purchasing their NFTs.
Please contact [email protected] and we’ll be delighted to guide you through the process.

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