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Vik Chile, one of the 50 best wine hotels of the world in 2022

By: Marketing VIK
2 September , 2022

In recognition of the maximum inspiration we offer to wine lovers, the distinguished Club Oenologique has selected our acclaimed Retreat as one of the 50 best wine hotels in the world in 2022.

The list comprises 5-star accommodations located throughout the world, from historic castles in France to the pinnacles of modern architecture in America. In this regard, Vik Chile was chosen for offering a one-of-a-kind stay and for being a wine hotel that provides a complete experience that includes spa treatment, a pool with a view of the Millahue Valley, and for fusing wine with modern art.

The fantastic review given by Club Oenologique underpins Alexander and Carrie Vik’s preeminence in the hotel industry with their luxurious coastal resort in Punta del Este, Uruguay, and their art hotel, Galleria Vik, in Milan, Italy. In the same fashion, our inspiring hotel in Chile, located in the Cachapoal province, includes its own natural reserve that covers 4,450 hectares, of which vineyards cover 327 hectares.

Of its exterior, Club Oenologique writes: “With its sweeping bronzed titanium roof, the 22-bedroom hotel looks like a golden crown rising out of the lush native forests.” Regarding its interior, they highlight that “through the wraparound glass walls, you get a perfect panoramic view of the valley.”

In addition to the incredible views and architecture, the art within each room also stands out as each room served as a canvas for different artists: “The eye-catching results range from Japanese minimalism to extravagant Dalí-inspired surrealism, or a Hermès suite stacked with the iconic suitcases.”

“Each room has a unique perspective of the valley, the vineyards or the infinity pool, which appears to drop off into the lake beneath.”

Also garnering praise are the hotel’s seven glass bungalows, all of which have private hot tubs and terraces that provide guests with unique intimacy with nature. Not to be overlooked is the state-of-the-art winery and the hotel cuisine that features a garden-to-table menu. If exploring on horseback is for you, Vik Chile also offers an equestrian trek through its treasured vineyards.

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