VIK: The vineyard´s ultra-premium wines earn vegan certification

By: VIK Marketing
21 December , 2022

As it joins in the worldwide trend that is making consumers more conscious of the environment and quality of life, VIK continues progress on vegan certification for its wines. 

The vineyard has been undertaking vegan certification processes for its different wines and has already earned the V-Label license for VIK, La Piu Belle Rosé and the recently launched “A” line. Accreditation processes are also underway for other brands.

Vegan certification is a very rigorous process that guarantees the wines do not use animal-derived ingredients at any stage of production or processing. The V-Label seal provides vegan consumers with a helpful, reliable guide that guarantees the quality of our products and is becoming an important consideration in purchasing decisions.

“People’s consumption habits have been showing signs of change. Greater awareness of the global impact of purchasing decisions is shaping a new set of values and priorities. Conscious consumption is not a fad. It is an urgent cause and an unavoidable corporate responsibility; therefore, we must make wines that serve that need. Our vegan wines will contribute to the cause, which involves the whole world. We continue making progress in that direction”, said Andrea García, VIK Marketing Manager.

These certification processes are part of Viña VIK’s holistic sustainability strategy, which coordinates actions within the strategic plan that guides the vineyard’s business, social and environmental projects and activities. To that end, VIK favours natural processes that are in harmony with nature and makes personalized efforts to optimize processes and use natural resources efficiently.

Additional information:

• The certification process began with the brands mentioned above and with specific vintages for VIK (2014-2018) and “A” (Cabernet Sauvignon 2020) wines. The vineyard aims to certify all its lines in the short-and medium-term.

• V-Label, an internationally renowned Swiss company, leads the field and demands high standards of quality. 

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