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VIK expands its ultra-luxury experience to Brazil

By: VIK Marketing
18 May , 2023

During the first week of May 2023, Vik signed a landmark agreement and announced the expansion of its luxury experience to one of the largest and most competitive markets in the world: Brazil.

This is a result of the great success and consolidation of the Vik brand in this important market. The development will be carried out by Luan Inversiones, a real estate holding company that specializes in the construction of condominiums and luxury hotels. Vik is characterized by its search for excellence, and this project is no exception. Brazil stands out for consumers looking for ultra-luxury products and experiences, and this was the main reason for choosing the country as the next market in which to install a new hotel, another Vik Retreat. 

The real estate project will require an investment of close to US$100 million. It includes the constructionof facilities with characteristics similar to those of its winery in Chile, in the Millahue Valley: a main building with 20 rooms, 10 bungalows and 10 residences, a capacity that will increase over time. The project will be developed on a 5,000-hectare (12,355-acre) plot of land in Araçoiaba da Serra, 1 hour 20 minutes from Sao Paulo. It will have access to an artificial beach, golf courses, tennis courts,stables and at least three restaurants, among other services.

This project arose in order to give continuity to the great demand from Brazilian tourists who travel to Chile to enjoy wine tourism in the vineyard, and who are faithful consumers of VIK wines. The hotel in Chile has been praised by important international publications. It was chosen as the World’s Leading Wine Region Hotel by the World Travel Awards, who highlighted the boutique experience it offers and the welcome it gives to distinguished guests. 

“As the Vik brand, we have consolidated ourselves in the ultra-premium segment in different markets. In line with this positioning, we have always been open to new development and investment opportunities, both from the perspective of wine and also with our tourism experience. As Brazil is our main market, this hotel will allow us to move forward with our positioning and plan for Vik’s important consolidation in the Brazilian luxury segment,” says Gastón Williams, CEO of Vik Chile.

Alex Vik and his wife Carrie founded the winery in Chile in 2006 and, through their company, they have developed a chain of boutique hotels under the Vik Retreat concept. They have “Estancia Vik”, “Playa Vik” and “Bahia Vik” in Uruguay, and “Galleria Vik Milano” in Italy, in addition to the retreat in Chile. For Vik, the aesthetic concept that has been integrated into the business model is fundamental and, for this reason, artistic elements are always incorporated into the architecture and design. This new project will not be an exception. Construction will be led by Uruguayan architect Marcelo Daglio who, together with a local team, will bring this new space to life. It will also incorporate the geography, flora and fauna of Brazil, and a vineyard will be recreated around it.

Although the new hotel is expected to be inaugurated during 2024, in July of this year a large event will be held to launch the project. Important personalities from Brazilian society will be present, alongside executives from Luan and Vik, including Alex and Carrie Vik themselves. 

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