VIK Announces La Piu Belle Champagne

29 June , 2022

La Piu Belle Champagne is our latest release, part of the “Artist’s Collection” La Piu Belle, and the new goddess of the family

Prior to this, we released La Piu Belle red blend and La Piu Belle rosé, both finalists of Best Packaging & Design last year.

This time we want to surprise the industry by releasing a Champagne from France, Millésime 2009, but also through a sleeve with foil and texture, something very difficult to achieve. We spent more than a year trying to accomplish the final result: an elegant and modern packaging, with a reminiscent essence of the great Gatsby era.

La Piu Belle brand name is a combination of 3 languages: Spanish, Italian, and French. It means the most beautiful one.

Part of the essence of La Piu Belle Collection is to choose an artist that has already a work of art at the Vik retreats: in the case of our Champagne, we chose Elena Triana, a Russian artist that painted a picture that is exhibited at Vik Milano.

For several years now, Elena Trailina has been using the gold leaf puncturing technique. She has resumed, consciously and thoughtfully, a practice that belonged to the Russian tradition of religious iconography: the decoration of the gold leaf obtained through the ancient “punching” technique used to create the halos of saints and the golden background of their icons. 

The work of Elena was born out of a reflection on the concept of iconography, a religious image that goes beyond the relationship between realism and represented subject. In her work, she borrows the images of famous art history masterpieces and depicts them as golden silhouettes. 

She takes her cue directly from the production of the traditional Byzantine and Italian‘300 icons. She literally overturns both the concept and the form, developing this technique using new and unique copyrighted knowledge.

The piece of art is called “Photosynthesis”, it is made with the ancient technique: punched gold leaf, oil on panel. We worked with graphic designers to portray Elena's art in unique packaging that simulates thes punching gold of the original work with foils and embossing. The result is an innovative and extremely elegant package.

“Alex and I are very excited to be entering into the world of Champagne. Our vision for VIK has been to create luxury experiences at the highest level. Our goal from the first day has been to produce a wine that would someday join the pantheon of the great wines of the world. The entire team at VIK has put their passion, hard work and focus into reaching those goals over these past 16 years. When the opportunity to enter the champagne world was presented to us we didn’t hesitate.  

Champagne is the ultimate luxury wine, one of the most coveted items in the world. The history, quality and mystique surrounding the champagne region and these great wines fit perfectly to our ethos. We are proud to present La Piu Belle Champagne, the most beautiful one. Created with the art of Elena Trailini she is sophisticated, passionate and exceptional. She is a rare 2009 Millesime vintage champagne from the Champagne region in France.

The wine is a refined dry champagne of exceptional quality; lively in the mouth, with well-cut acidity, and an elegant bouquet composed of citrus, quince, mirabelle plum and hazelnuts; a veritable testimony to the minerality that is so true to its terroir. We welcome you to join us in enjoying this exceptional Champagne wine by VIK.”

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