Vik Vibe

Discover the artists of Vik Chile

30 May , 2022

Vik Retreat is envisioned to be a holistic experience that brings together much more than breathtaking views, inspiring architecture, and exceptional wine and cuisine. Its walls are also adorned with unique and impactful works by renowned national and international artists.

With its 360º views and world-famous architecture, Vik Chile invites you to take in the spectacular Millahue Valley. Moreover, we offer luxury wines and a sustainable culinary experience using ingredients from local producers and based on the Zero km food concept.

But that’s not all. To give each space a unique touch, Alex and Carrie Vik recruited the best artists from Chile and all over the globe to exhibit their art throughout the hotel, with the idea of awakening the senses of guests through a permanent exhibition of works designed and created exclusively for the retreat.

To this end, more than 30 artists—experts in different techniques and with distinctive and diverse visions of what art means—were brought in to present their works in the rooms and common spaces of the hotel, thus complementing the fascinating architecture with their artistic perspective.

Each of the artists were entrusted with a single mission: think of each space as a unique experience that would transport guests to unimaginable places at first sight.

To name a few of the amazing artists present, paintings by Roberto Matta, one of Chile's most admired painters, and Anselm Kiefer’s iconic diptych "Secret Life of Plants" adorn the hotel's living room.

To get to know the artists of Vik Chile, we conducted a series of interviews to discover what inspired them in their works. Among those interviewed was Totoy Zamudio (@totoyzamudio), who was tasked with exhibiting ludic works in the hotel's game room, presenting colors and shapes that captivate the eye.

In the hotel rooms, we find Sebastián Valenzuela, who gave life to the piece "Valenzuela" and Diana Navarrete (@diana_navarrete_astroza), who exhibited her art in the "La Marcela" room, where she developed a realistic work of one of the most iconic characters of Santiago de Chile, the Divino Anticristo, popular character of the bohemian life of Santiago de Chile.

On the other hand, Álvaro Gabler (@alvarogablerp) conveyed his vision in the "Gabler's Grisaille" Master Suite, as did the painter Francisco Uzabeaga (@uzabeaga) in the “VIK” Master Suite and the "Hollywood" suite, where his works portraying classic Hollywood actors can be found. Lastly, we must mention Cristián Abelli, who presented a personal and unparalleled painting in the "Abelli" room.

We invite you to learn about the artists’ creative processes and immerse yourself in their vision in a series that tells the story behind each piece, revealing the way each detail was thought out and the background that makes the works housed in Vik Retreat so special and unique.

Join us here to review the interviews with the distinguished artists who were selected to share their unbridled artistic expression in the hotel rooms of Vik.