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Artisans and producers of the Millahue Valley visit VIK

4 April , 2022

VIK is a highly sustainable winery in the heart of the Cachapoal Valley with a holistic concept in all its processes: our wines reflect the perfect fusion between humanity, experience, land, climate, and industry-leading technology.

In order to continue strengthening the use of natural ingredients and reducing our carbon footprint, we use ingredients (fruits, vegetables and seeds) harvested from our own valley to supply our two restaurants: Milla Milla and Pavilion. Buying from small farms in the area enables us to empower local producers and offer fresh, sustainable and high-quality ingredients to our visitors.

This is why the National Tourism Service, SERNATUR, launched the Virtual Catalog of Producers and Artisans of the O'Higgins Region at VIK, taking place at the 2-hectares organic garden located within the vineyard.

The catalog highlights eight regional tourist destinations: Cachapoal and Colchagua valleys; Alto Cachapoal; Alto Colchagua; San Vicente de Tagua Tagua; Lake Rapel; Pichilemu and Navidad. Additionally, the catalog showcases the various features of each destination, such as craft beer, copper craftworks, corn leaves, wicker, embroidery, bonete huicanos, textiles, chocolate, horticultural products, beekeeping, agro-ecology and, of course, wine.

To celebrate the occasion, VIK prepared lunch for the authorities as well as for the artisans and producers of the area, who also showed the best products of the region.

VIK has always supported local producers and artisans, offering their products to people from all over the world who visit the winery and the VIK Hotel. For example, the ingredients used to prepare the original menus at Milla Milla and Pavilion are selected by our executive chef directly from local suppliers.

With newly harvested products, we generate a lower impact, with less transportation and pollution, resulting in a greater benefit to the environment and our guests.

Download here the Virtual Catalog of Producers and Artisans of the O'Higgins Region. (in Spanish)

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