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VIK commemorates International Women's Day

14 April , 2022

The guests took part in a fabulous experience that included a tour of the Millahue Valley and an exquisite wine tasting.

To celebrate International Women's Day, VIK invited a group of outstanding women — recognized for their unique style, creativity, and their social media presence — to see firsthand the incredible VIK experience, with Audi providing the transportation. 

The journey began in Santiago, where the group departed to the Millahue Valley in a fleet of luxurious Audi automobiles; the Q5 e-tron Sportback stole all the looks and received praise for being electric and 4x4, allowing the ladies to tour the vineyard in class and comfort. 

The morning continued with a tour of the Millahue Valley, where they were introduced to our holistic vision of art, passion for wine, sustainability, and hospitality in an unforgettable experience.

Afterwards, the group enjoyed a VIK wine tasting that awakened all their senses and set the tone for them to try the new menu at our Pavilion Restaurant, which incorporates ingredients harvested from our organic garden and by local producers. 

The visit also included a tour of the extraordinary Retreat, where the women were able to enjoy the panoramic views and exceptional architecture of Vik Park. An unmatchable moment. 

Finally, to end the day, the guests received a special gift from Elizabeth Buenaventura, who videoed in from New York as she wanted to be present for the occasion. Additionally, the day’s activities were accompanied by the beautiful flowers of El Jardín de Mila and our exquisite La Piu Belle Rosé.

Special thanks to Claudia Kwon, Fernanda Gatti, Vanesa Borghi, Fran Zuazola, Megan Cooper, Mel Sbyrt, Stephi Truan, Carola Montenegro and Carmen Cabezas for creating spectacular moments in the Millahue Valley with VIK.  

Enjoy the highlights from this special event at our Instagram: @vik_wine.

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