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  • Experiencias Asado VIK


    390.000 USD433 USD
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  • Cooking Lessons

    240.000 USD266 USD
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  • Cepas Cabernet Sauvignon, Carménère, Syrah, Cabernet Franc y Merlot

    Horseback Riding

    44 USD
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  • Lodge

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  • Degustación VIK Piu Belle

    Lunch at Pavilion

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  • Milla Milla Dinner

    89 USD
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  • Gastronomía Milla Milla Almuerzo

    Milla Milla Lunch

    50 USD
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  • Experiencias Mountain Bike Outdoor VIK

    Mountain Biking

    28 USD
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  • Experiencias Picnic VIK

    Picnic Experience

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  • Degustación Premium VIK

    Premium Tasting

    33.500 USD37 USD
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  • Degustación Tradicional VIK

    Traditional Tasting

    28.000 USD31 USD
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  • Experiencias Trekking Outdoor VIK


    31 USD
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